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I finally got some energy to reboot my blog. This time built with help of Gatsby and the blog starter kit. Nice stuff.

An internet connected soil moisture sensor


The Electric Imp makes it so easy to put things on the web to make that web of things everyone is talking about. I decided to build a soil…

Fancy LEDs with Electric Imp


For no particular reason I felt a sudden urge for an Internet-connected RGB LED strip that can produce various light patterns. Just for fun…

CouchDB on Raspberry


Installing CouchDB on Raspberry is very easy. Start with and you’ll have a complete installation very soon, with CouchDB started for you…

node.js and forever and init.d


Here’s how I set up init.d on my Raspberry to launch forever at start. Forever then keeps my node.js weather server running. Big thanks to…

The Electric Imp is no Whimp!


Now this is a cute little devil. A wifi enabled micro controller in an SD package, with onboard support for various digital I/O. First I…

Setting up my Raspberry pi


Here’s my story on how to set up Raspberry pi to fit my needs. I will use it as a server that controls heating in my summer house and…



anthropomorphinist - (n) person addicted to putting clothes on animals and making conversation with them Fun to find a word with zero…

I can has contrast?


Contrast. This is my desperate call for contrast ! Contrast , in contrast of resolution and sharpness, is what makes difference for many…

Elk sausage with porcini and rose pepper


Yesterday I used my new and shiny Reber sausage stuffer for the first time. Quite a piece, heavy, sturdy and in stainless steel. It’s a bit…

Psalm 210, nästan


Mitt förslag till ny text. Jag knyter näven mot himmelen, och biter hop mina tänder, mot dig O Gud, som var mänskans vän, men nu har flytt…